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The sophomore record, out 8th March, 2019.

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Holy Pinto is an indie pop band led by songwriter, Aymen Saleh. It began as two kids in their hometown of Canterbury, England, and is now one adult based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Originally consisting of Aymen and his friend, Ryan Hurley, the band released their debut record, Congratulations, in April of 2016 and embarked on a restless tour-schedule involving runs in the UK, Europe and the United States to support the release. Receiving favorable coverage from websites such as the AV Club, The Alternative and Gold Flake Paint, Congratulations ruminated heavily on the choice of whether to take root and nurture close relationships or live headless-chickenly - chasing travel, experience and dreams of becoming a musician. 

After Ryan’s departure from the band, Aymen would end up choosing the latter - stripping out the backseats of the band’s passenger van to install a mattress and make-shift bedroom while on tour in the United States. The project therefore temporarily became more of a solo endeavor and nomadic entity, and during this time he released the stop-gap Tales from the Traveling T-Shirt Salesman EP in the barmy World Cup summer of 2018. 

After an initial visit to Milwaukee, inspired by his love of fabled 90’s local emo bands The Promise Ring and Maritime, Aymen ended up settling in the “cream city” on a whim.  Finding a home in local haunts such as the Highbury Pub, and penning a one-off single, about aforementioned pub and his new life, called “Wisconsin”, he ingratiated himself in the local music scene - finding the music in rotation on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee and a piece in the Wisconsin Gazette. Now settled in an adopted hometown, Holy Pinto turns to release the sophomore record, Adult

Adult explores love, the paths we choose in life, the tyranny of distance, and the bittersweet taste of nostalgia. Bookended by two short-songs, titled Adult #1 and #2, the foundation of the record is a reflection on the technicality of being an adult through age - but feeling alien from the stability or maturity that it insinuates. The fun and sugary sweet “Gold Leaf” sees a twisted latin beat blended with an infectious sing-along pop chorus, while “Daisychain” finds you swimming from mood to mood, passing through golden-lens nostalgia to the sadness of lost love, before culminating in a shred guitar solo comprised of a cocktail of mandolin, synth and electric guitar. 

There are two places in which you can find Aymen these days. One is singing his songs on tour - whether it be a real venue, a bar in a one-person town in Nebraska or a barn in rural Pennsylvania. The other is at the Highbury Pub in Milwaukee on a Sunday morning, drinking Malört. Take your pick! 

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